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<p><span>When choosing which socks to wear with your outfit, you might play it safe and stick with the &ldquo;match the colour of your socks with the colour of your trousers&rdquo; rule. Wearing black trousers and black socks or blue socks with blue jeans might be the safest option that will never fail you and will always be appropriate for business settings, but what do you do if you want to break out of the monotony and spice up your everyday look with some bright colours? Although it can sometimes be tricky to pull off, and there is a lot of room for error, bright socks can help you express yourself and liven up your outfit. While matching sock and trouser colors will elongate your legs and make you blend in with the crowd, wearing bright and colorful socks will surely draw the attention to your new, stylish pair of shoes&nbsp;</span><a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/2016/06/what-your-socks-say-about-you.html" target="_blank">or simply make you stand out</a></p>
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<h2>When not to, and when to wear colorful socks:</h2>
<p>Before we start talking about when it is appropriate to wear bright, colorful socks, let&rsquo;s talk about when wearing them would be inappropriate.</p>
<p>Generally speaking, colorful socks should not be worn as a part of traditional and serious business attire. While in some instances, like you being a young businessman whose success is beyond his years, bright socks can be used to bend the rules and express your individuality. But that is only if you are a rising star in business who has earned the right to do so. Industries like fashion, consulting or tech are also appropriate for colorful socks, while some more traditional ones like accounting should be reserved for socks that match your outfit. It is all about&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/2016/06/the-most-comfortable-sock-for-any-occasion.html" target="_blank">finding a situation when you need to stand out</a>&nbsp;as an individual, as bright socks can certainly help you achieve that goal. When, in turn, you need to blend in and fit in with the crowd you should probably stick with matching socks and trousers. This also applies to more serious occasions like business meetings. Worst time to wear bright socks would most certainly be funerals, as that is the occasion when you really need to blend in and show respect.</p>
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<p>Every other occasion is the right occasion for bright socks. As long as you manage to pull it off, colorful socks might just help you achieve the look you were going for and really change how people around you see you. While they can be worn all the time, there are certain occasions when wearing bright socks might give you extra style points:</p>
<li>When you are doing business without your shoes on. While this happens mostly in Japan, as they also remove their shoes for meals, drinks and other occasions, You never know when such occasion might present itself for you. As long as you are not doing business with people who are conservative and way too serious, wearing bright socks can be fun.</li>
<li>When you want to liven up a plain and simple outfit. When wearing something basic like khakis, jeans or a plain suit, it can make you look a bit dull and unnoticeable. A pair of bright socks can help you break the monotony, and liven up your whole look. This way socks are used as an accent to your outfit just like a pocket square or a tie. This will help others understand that you&rsquo;ve put some thought into your outfit and that you care about what you look like.</li>
<li>When you want colour coordination. You can also use socks in coordination with other accents to achieve a stylish and coordinated look. Match the socks with your tie, square pocket, cufflinks or shirt, and you will not believe how good you look.</li>
<h2><img alt="" src="http://workstuff.us/Files/Content/tenis.jpg" style="max-width:100%; text-align: center;margin: 0 auto;"/>Rules for choosing the right pair of socks:</h2>
<p>If you are unsure about which socks to choose and complete your outfit without doing it wrong and looking like a clown, there are three simple rules which will make it easy for you.</p>
<li>Choose traditional patterns if you are unsure. There are a few patterns to choose from. For instance Argyle is a traditional pattern with diamonds and lines which has been popular with classy men for the last century. Paisley is also a great choice. Striped and plaid socks can liven up the outfit without saying too much. If you are unsure about patterns though, you can always choose to wear solid colored socks.</li>
<li>Coordinate with the rest of the outfit. If not going for the matching look, you should try coordinating socks with the outfit by choosing the colors that work well together. Picking one of the colours from the pattern of your suit or shirt and wearing socks of similar shade will subconsciously appeal to other people even if they are not thinking about it.</li>
<li>Contrast levels. Contrast is the change from one neighbouring colour to the next. For the best look you will like to keep the same amount of contrast throughout your whole outfit. As a helpful rule, try keeping the contrast between trousers and socks the same level as the contrast between the trousers and the shirt. This will significantly help in how others see you.</li>
<p>Now that you know how to choose the right socks for your outfit, you will need&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/bright-color-every-day-crew-socks-light-weight-520.html" target="_blank">a few pairs to match with each one</a>. So choose what you like and what suits you and start expressing yourself in every social and a few, select business occasions.</p>
<p><span>- See more at: http://workstuff.us/blog#sthash.jnZSaUtH.dpuf</span></p>


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