<p><span style="font-size: 16px;">Throwing your odd, old, washed-out, or even thorn socks into garbage seems like a complete waste of material. It may not look like much, but when you crunch the numbers the amount of discarded material in one year gets really high. I didn&rsquo;t personally do the math nor did I crunch the numbers, but it really is obvious.</span></p>
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<p>Just take yourself as an example; you probably don&rsquo;t throw away socks on daily basis, and maybe you don&rsquo;t even throw them away on weekly basis, but when we get to monthly levels, the picture gets a bit different. Not almost a month goes by without a sock getting lost or thorn, which automatically makes you throw it away. One month it&rsquo;s one sock, the other month is none, but some months it&rsquo;s more than three or four. In a whole year you throw away at least about a dozen socks and in your lifetime you throw away a fortune.</p>
<p>Now, I&rsquo;m not saying that those socks&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/2016/04/how-to-recycle-old-socks.html" target="_blank">can be salvaged and used forever</a>, but what you can do is prolong their life. You can find a new purpose and recycle them, and one of the best ways to do this is to turn them into fashionable accessories.</p>
<h1>The easiest to make</h1>
<p>When it comes to losing your socks, this is the simplest situation you can have. This means that you have one sock that is alive and well, without any holes. It&rsquo;s highly usable and you should set it aside. It&rsquo;s a shame to cut and disfigure this sock, so the best you can do is pair it with another sock. The weirder the better, so your socks should preferably have patterns, images or be in some crazy colors. This way, people will think you wear them like that on purpose and you will create a fashion statement, instead of stating that you recycle socks&hellip;even though there is nothing wrong with recycling socks.</p>
<p>The next few are pretty complicated, so brace yourself and pay attention. What you have to do is get some scissors, cut the toes of the socks and&hellip;well, basically, that is it. Did you get all of that? I hope I wasn&rsquo;t too fast for you. Maybe you should write it down or something. With this simple move you actually transform your sock into a multi-tool. You can use this new invention (don&rsquo;t try to patent it, I&rsquo;m way ahead of you) in many ways without doing any more modifications to it.</p>
<p>Firstly, it can be a leg warmer which you can wear on your tights.</p>
<p>You can also use it as iPhone armband for jogging. Instead of spending money on a real thing, you can make it yourself, and it will be even more comfortable and easier to use. Just pull the sock (aka improvised iPhone armband) up your arm, place your phone at the top with approximately one third of the phone being above the sock, and fold the remaining bottom of the sock so that it covers and holds the phone.</p>
<p>Another way to use a toeless sock is to make an arm warmer out of it. You don&rsquo;t have to make any additional modifications, but if you really want to, you can take the heel and stitch it together. You can even stitch a button in there and make a really cool, vintage arm warmer.</p>
<h1>Level up</h1>
<p><img alt="armwarmer made of old sock" src="https://www.sockbin.com/files/content/armwarmer2.jpg" /></p>
<p>This part includes everything that needs a bit of time or skill to create. When I say a bit, I really do mean a small, tiny bit. It still is more complicated that the first few, but no hustle over these either.</p>
<p>If you happen to have some elastic socks, the best way to reuse them is to make hair bands. You can make several bands out of one sock, and people won&rsquo;t even notice that the band was once a sock. What you need to do is take a sock, and cut it across. This will leave you with a ring of fabric which essentially becomes a hair band once rolled up. Repeat this several times until you&rsquo;ve used the most of your sock.</p>
<p>To make the fingerless glove, you have to make two incisions. Nurse, scissors! Cut the toes off and then cut off the heel&hellip;of the sock that is. Stick your thumb through the hole where heel used to be and the rest of the fingers where the toes were. For maximum effect, sew spacing for each separate finger. Whoa, we are using needle and thread now; things are getting pretty serious.</p>
<h1>The highest of the levels</h1>
<p>Oh, now we are really serious. Everything in this part requires sewing, or even additional actions. But let&rsquo;s not get you scared yet; we&rsquo;ll save that for later. First, let&rsquo;s talk about ear warmers.</p>
<p>It looks like socks are great for warming almost any part of your body, besides warming your feet. Making this is somewhat more complex, but I think you can still manage it. To start with, you will need two socks, so take any odds if you have or the ones that you don&rsquo;t wear anymore. Start by making an &lsquo;X&rsquo; out of them on a flat surface. Now fold them, first one, and then the other, so that each tip of the sock touches the top of that same sock. Stitch the tips with the tops, and stitch the two ends you are left with together to form a headband.</p>
<p>Maybe not the most complex, the coin purse is at the end because it requires something more than just the sock &ndash; the coin purse metal frame. This is fairly easy to acquire and is inexpensive, but hey, we are trying to save up here, and not to spend more money. However, if you do choose to make this, it is really straightforward. All you have to do is to sew the top of the sock to the purse frame, which is already designed to make this easy. No special advice here.</p>
<p><span>- See more at: http://workstuff.us/blog#sthash.jnZSaUtH.dpuf</span></p>


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