<p><span style="font-size: 16px;">There is a right time and place for everything and, while the right time and place to wear toe socks is rare, it still does exist. You can&rsquo;t wear them at a fancy cocktail party and you definitely shouldn&rsquo;t wear them when you are meeting your future wife/husband&rsquo;s parents, but a toe-sock-wearing occasion is a real thing. Well, it may not have a name yet, but let&rsquo;s hope the name I give it sticks. At least people will know the dress code right away when the invitation says toe-sock-wearing event.</span></p>
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<h1>What are toe socks?</h1>
<p>First, let&rsquo;s define toe socks for the ones who may not have heard of them. Toe socks are something like gloves for your feet. They are designed in such way that each toe is separated and individually encased in the sock itself, just the same way as fingers are enclosed in a glove.</p>
<p>There are different sizes and even diverse lengths just like with regular socks, which means that you can find everything, from a no-show, across ankle and crew toe sock even to knee-high or thigh-high. So, whatever floats your boat in the toe sock department is at your disposal. There is even a heavy-duty version of a toe sock, as much as a sock can be heavy-duty, although it&rsquo;s more of a toe shoe. We&rsquo;ll get to that later.</p>
<p>Toe socks are traditionally worn by kids because of their playful nature (both kids&rsquo; and toe socks&rsquo; playful nature), but these socks are also made in adult sizes and are worn by grownups. Again, they put this playful, cheerful spirit in focus and automatically make you look less mature, as if you were a child at heart.</p>
<h1>The history</h1>
<p>The history of toe socks is relatively short and boring, so I will try to keep it simple. Of course, like many other strange inventions, toe socks come from the USA, specifically from Pennsylvania. They were designed by a nice little lady (don&rsquo;t know if she was actually nice or little, but her name sounds that way) called Ethel Russell in the late 60s. To be more precise, although not many people are interested in the exact date when toe socks were first made, she filed a copyright with the United States Copyright Office on June 14, 1969. Life changing information, isn&rsquo;t it?</p>
<h1>Benefits and doubts</h1>
<p>You might be thinking that scientists aren&rsquo;t really interested in toe socks that much, but strangely, you would be wrong. Oddly enough, there have been several studies about toe socks and their benefits, but with mixed result. Maybe the best thing to do is study the testimonials of the people who use them first, and then back everything up with science.</p>
<p>The first thing athletes who use toe socks say is that they prevent blisters. When each finger is separated there is no skin-on-skin friction and thus blister cannot be formed. It also provides protection against hotspots which is equally important.</p>
<p>However, there are people who have tried them, and report just the opposite &ndash; the material in between their toes is scratchy, it is uncomfortable and the material itself is creating blisters. Now, it may be possible that they wore incorrect size or chose wrong toe socks in some other way. Who&rsquo;s to say?</p>
<p>Another benefit, according to the toe socks aficionados, is that they are incredibly comfortable. I would compare the feeling to the one when you&rsquo;ve worn loose jeans your entire life and then suddenly started wearing skinny jeans. It&rsquo;s different, but you can&rsquo;t actually say if it&rsquo;s better or worse. You are strangled all over, every part of your skin is in direct contact with the material and it&rsquo;s tightening, but you kind of like it. It&rsquo;s a very strange feeling, actually, and you have to try it to know what I&rsquo;m talking about.</p>
<p>As they are mostly used in sport activities these days, many toe socks are made from materials that enable wicking of the moisture, or to be precise, the sweat you create. However, many sport socks are created from materials that ensure this process will be done, so there is nothing special about toe socks when it comes to this part.</p>
<p>The biggest advantage of these socks, and especially of their shoe relative, is said to be the improvement of your performance. You might have seen people running in those toe shoes, and it is believed that they minimize the risk of injury while upgrading your running/power walking technique. In theory, they help you with their lack of heel padding. This way, they promote forefoot landing which is supposed to be healthy. Now it&rsquo;s science time.</p>
<h1>The science behind toe footwear</h1>
<p>As I&rsquo;ve already mentioned, science has done some work with toe socks/shoes (how desperate for research ideas they are) and unfortunately for the toe shoes enthusiasts, the results aren&rsquo;t all that positive. The main performance-boosting idea behind toe shoes is that they make you land forefoot. Landing forefoot is supposed to be important because it&rsquo;s meant to be more efficient than old-school heel-first landing. At least that is the theory, but the practice is somewhat different. Not only is it different, but it&rsquo;s completely opposite. The results from an experiment have shown that heel-striking is more economical because runners use far less oxygen this way and naturally get tired a lot less.</p>
<p>Who knew that something that comes natural to us and was developed by many years of evolution, such as heel-first landing while running, is more economical and practical than something that we invented without any particular reason? Well, maybe it just fits some people better than others, and if you are one of them, than&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/store/women/toe-socks/c-17">you surely shouldn&rsquo;t stop wearing toe socks</a>&nbsp;or toe shoes just because other people don&rsquo;t like them.</p>
<p><span>- See more at: http://workstuff.us/blog#sthash.jnZSaUtH.dpuf</span></p>


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