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<p><span>Thigh-high socks, while never really having gone out of fashion per se (at least when it comes to the more bedroom-oriented activities), are making a major comeback these days - as far as wearing them in public as a part of your ensemble is considered. Similar to knee-high socks, these have been associated with a lot with certain kinds of Catholic schools and Catholic schoolgirls, where they've invariably been a part of the uniform for decades (trust those institutions never to innovate or try something new). Either way, they're here to stay for a while now and they do have a certain undeniable charm and sex appeal to them.</span></p>
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<p>That very sex appeal is easy to go overboard with, though, which is why the idea of actually wearing these wonderful stockings is a little daunting for a lot of women, if not downright intimidating. It takes a good sense of style to properly match them to the rest of your ensemble, but a little creativity goes a long way, and with the tips we're about to give you, you'll be owning the look like nobody's business in no time. So if you've disconsolately hung up your thigh highs like the saddest pair of Christmas stockings in the world - take 'em right back down, right now.</p>
<p>So you've officially decided to expand your sock wardrobe beyond the fuzzy socks you wear around the house and the dress socks you wear to work. But before you even step out of the house to go shopping for your new thigh-highs (and you'll need to - these things can wear out very quickly), you need to figure out exactly what you want from them. There's a variety of thigh-high socks out there, with different purposes. Are you looking to make a fashion statement and show them off? Do you want them for some fun times with your boyfriend when no one else is around to see? Or is your thinking more along the practical lines of keeping yourself warm? All of these things&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/2016/06/the-guide-to-women-s-socks.html" target="_blank">can and should affect your purchase</a>.</p>
<h2><img alt="" src="http://workstuff.us/Files/Content/Thigh-High-Socks.jpg" style="max-width:100%; text-align: center;margin: 0 auto;" />LEARN TO CREATE A BALANCE</h2>
<p>This is one of the cornerstones of dressing fashionably: never look like you've dressed up in all the colors of the rainbow, it's a look that stopped working for you about halfway through elementary school. If you've got your heart set on a pair of multicolored stocking, more power to you, but make sure that the rest of what you're wearing is much subtler and understated when it comes to color and patterns. You should be trying your hardest to be stylish and not garish - a good example (without the goth overtones, obviously) might be Beetlejuice-era Winona Ryder.</p>
<p>If you feel more like playing it safe though (and we respect you if you do), a pair of dark, even solid black thigh-high socks are a classic look that somehow manages to be sexy, classy and demure all at the same time. The simpler thigh-highs are also a lot more versatile and tend to be easier to combine into a stylish ensemble; this is true of thigh-highs in grey and brown, occasionally cream, but avoid white as they tend to be too eye-catching. And of course, the classic black is always slimming, fashionable and effective.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Quick: what's the first thing that pops into your mind when someone mentions thigh-high boots and stockings? Is it Pretty Woman? It's Pretty Woman, isn't it? So yeah, chances are your first association with these kinds of boots is a... less than flattering one. Specifically, as much as you love the look and style, you can't fork over that kind of cash if the main effect is going to be making yourself look like a cheap harlot from the '80s who doesn't kiss on the mouth, heart of gold and stellar dental hygiene notwithstanding. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel ladies; if we know our readership (and we like to think we do), you'll have noticed there's an increasing number of thigh-high boots being featured in fashion shows by no less than the likes of Chanel and Philip Lim since 2013. It may have taken a while for the virus to spread its insidious way into the hearts and minds of the masses, but, by God, they've done it.</p>
<p>So now that we're living in the era of the comeback of the most outrageously sexy shoes in recorded history... how is one supposed to pull them off without looking&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/2016/06/how-to-accessorize-with-socks.html" target="_blank">like they just walked out of a sex dungeon</a>? It's a valid question, and for a start, you're going to need something that can make or break you in the fashion world: confidence. Without the right sort of attitude radiating from you, you can have the best and most expensive thigh-highs in the world, you're still going to look out of place and uncomfortable - and that's an unforgivable sin. BDSM fantasies aside, you'll need to look, feel and behave like you're about to dominate if you want this ensemble to work. Also, when buying yours, don't be afraid to pay extra for quality and design; cheap thigh-highs tend to look rather, well, cheap. Comfort should also be a major factor - there's no point in buying yourself a pair if you don't feel comfortable walking around in them. The thigh-highs will go a long way towards increasing comfort here, though, doing what a shorter dress sock would fail abysmally in doing.</p>
<p><img alt="" src="http://workstuff.us/Files/Content/Thigh-High-Socks2.jpg" style="max-width:100%; text-align: center;margin: 0 auto;" /></p>
<p>Second, to pull off not one, but two items of clothing that are inherently sexy, you're going to have to tone down the rest of your outfit to compensate for it. Don't worry, the overall effect will still be very attractive, we're just going to take the edge off of all that sexiness so you don't look like you're on the street waiting to pick up a... gentleman caller. Try a looser dress, even one that you otherwise might not like the fit of. Ponchos and big, baggy sweaters work beautifully with this look as well, especially for keeping you nice and warm in the winter. Also, failing something suitably boxy, go with plenty of layers up top; most thigh-high boots will be either black or some other dark color, leaving you with a lot of freedom to add shirts, blouses, jackets and even cardigans (just remember, nothing overly sexy or tight - we're trying to understate your top half to give your lower half room to breathe).</p>
<p>Finally, one look that is gaining a lot of popularity is the thigh-highs-and-coat look. This one will allow you to keep up the trend of showing off your legs by throwing a nice miniskirt into the mix, thanks to a long coat being thrown over the whole ensemble to add a much-needed touch of tastefulness and chic to it. What you wear under the coat is up to you, but, once again, you want to avoid anything that's too tight or shows a lot of cleavage in order to not overdo the sexiness of the ensemble and give people the wrong impression. A nice statement bag works for all of these looks, but especially this one.</p>
<h2><img alt="" src="http://workstuff.us/Files/Content/Thigh-High-Socks3.jpg" style="max-width:100%; text-align: center;margin: 0 auto;"/>GET INNOVATIVE WITH THEM</h2>
<p>So far we've been talking about your classic, run of the mill examples of thigh-high stockings; sheer or solid in color, they're a classic that you can always rely on. But with increased popularity comes increased variety, as well, and there are some amazing out-of-the-box ideas and designs that'll blow your mind if you give them a chance.</p>
<p>Feel free to explore some gorgeous models, including designs that incorporate embroidery or crochet, even a lovely pair of sheer lace-up stockings. Their solid designs come in all colors and some genuinely beautiful patterns; they've got thigh highs that are overtly sexy, as well as many that are much more toned down, so options for everyone and everyone, including many for plus-sized women as well. But the crowning jewel of the collection are ribbed stockings: thick and woolly and too beautiful for words, they're a must for any sock collection. A fuzzy sock that comes all the way up to the thigh is the salt of the earth, and you'll be hard-pressed&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/store/women/over-the-knee-socks/c-56" target="_blank">to find better ones than these</a>.</p>
<p><span>- See more at: http://workstuff.us/blog#sthash.jnZSaUtH.dpuf</span></p>


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