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<p>Lately men don&rsquo;t really give a lot of attention to the choice of socks in their outfit, but they might be even more important than one might think. Other than protecting our feet from friction, wicking away perspiration to keep our feet and shoes odorless, and keeping our feet snug in our shoes, socks define who we are and what kind of message we are giving to the world. But is there such a thing as a wrong pair of socks?</p>
<p>wearing a perfect pair of socks</p>
<p>A few common rules</p>
<p>It goes without saying that your socks need to be clean and without any holes. You might think that your socks would stay in your shoes at all times, but an unexpected situation where you need to remove your shoes might arise at any time. Also, by the rule of &ldquo;unexpected situation&rdquo; remember never to wear mismatching socks.</p>
<p>In most situations, one simple rule can help you with choosing the perfect socks for your attire: &ldquo;Wear socks that match your trousers, not your shoes&rdquo;. This rule should help you easily choose the right socks and with it, you can never go wrong. Coordinating your socks this way should create a streamlined look with no contrasting colors until the shoes.</p>
<p>One more unwritten rule regarding socks is that &ldquo;A gentleman should never expose his bare leg unintentionally&rdquo;. This gets us to the rules regarding sock length. Low-cut socks should almost always be reserved just for sports and other physical activities. Low-cut socks can be used but only when it&rsquo;s deliberate in a casual outfit. While knee-length socks are preferred, they are hard to find these days, and the extra material would increase the sock price by at least 25%. That leaves us with dress socks that are the golden middle. If you are still afraid of your socks falling down there is a bit old-fashioned but effective solution. Garters can be quite useful as they hold your socks high when you are on the move and help you with not having to tug them back up all day long.</p>
<p>Color makes all the difference</p>
<p>I know what you are thinking: &ldquo;You told me to match the socks with the trousers, why are we talking about colors now?&rdquo;. That is true, but that is only when you want to play it safe. If you want to make a statement or just liven up your plain suit color, you will need some help with choosing colors or maybe even adding some patterned socks.</p>
<p>First things first, white socks are a big, giant, humongous &ldquo;NO&rdquo;. White socks belong in a gym or sports activities. Wearing white socks with your suit can demolish the look you are going for while in a suit in an instant.</p>
<p>wearing a perfect pair of socks</p>
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<p>If you want to tie the whole outfit together on the other hand, you can use the socks of contrasting colour to your suit and even match them with the tie or other accessories you might use. This will give you a well-prepared look that is somewhat lively and coordinated. Also, for occasions like funerals and other formal situations avoid wearing brightly colored socks as you might appear unprofessional.</p>
<p>If you truly know what you are doing and you want to make a statement, then complementary colors are your friends. This however, as I&rsquo;ve said before, is only advisable when you know what you are doing. It is just another of those things that can label you as stylish, or a joker.</p>
<p>When choosing the right combination, patterns are another great way to bring some liveliness and style to it. Just like with the colors, patterns can range from subtle to vibrant. Textures and patterns can add a bit of visual interest to the whole look, while still maintaining an overall subdued appearance.</p>
<p>Patterns that make or break the look</p>
<p>Argyle socks are an old school patterned socks that have been used since 17th century. If you choose the right colors, argyle can&rsquo;t fail you. This pattern has also been used for sweater vests for a long time.</p>
<p>Ribbed socks come in almost every color and are an easy and good way to add some texture to the outfit without going wild.</p>
<p>wearing a perfect pair of socks</p>
<p>While choosing the right pattern, it is also advisable to follow two rules. You already know the first one, it is to match it with the color you are wearing above your waistline (tie, shirt, sport coat, etc.). The other rule is to avoid matching the pattern with the one that you already have in your outfit. For instance if you are wearing a dotted tie or a shirt, try wearing striped socks. Also, if you are wearing argyle shirt, try going for striped socks. The combinations are endless.</p>
<p>If you are an adventurous type, and ordinary patterns and colors can&rsquo;t satisfy your needs, you could also try wearing novelty socks. Although experts don&rsquo;t really recommend them, they might be the only thing that can satisfy your wild imagination.</p>
<p>Now that you know all you need to know about choosing the right socks, the only thing that you need to do is figure out what you want for yourself. You have the technicalities, let your imagination do the rest. One thing you need to think of while choosing the right socks for your outfits is to match them with the suits you own.</p>
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