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<p>Whenever you hear about wearing sandals with socks, first thing that comes into your head is some German tourist, or your dad. Most people don&rsquo;t like this fashion trend, some even say that this is a complete &ldquo;no-no&rdquo;. To be honest, most of the hate for this fashion comes from the internet, and recently, socks and sandals started coming back to the public. More and more famous people started wearing this combination on many occasions, and some people even say that the photo of Olsen twins is responsible for this trend appearing on many runway shows over the past few years. Wearing socks and sandals is also becoming a trend with famous athletes who even spoke about this fashion choice. Matching socks and sandals can be tricky, and simple details can be the tipping point between a great fashion trend and a complete disaster.</p>
<p>Benefits of wearing socks and sandals</p>
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<p>First of all, no matter how much you dislike wearing this combination, it is very comfortable. When it comes to athletes, they defend this trend by saying that it is very relaxing for their toes after spending the whole day in cleats. For ladies, this combo is especially great for transition weather, when it is too cold for just sandals, and your feet get too sweaty if you try wearing closed shoes. If paired correctly, you can turn this unusual combination into a stylish fashion choice. For instance, wearing over the knee socks with sandals is a good way to keep your feet warm in the winter, while still rocking your favorite pair of sandals. For warmer days shorter socks and sandals work perfectly with your thinner dresses. This combination is also a good trick for breaking in your new sandals without getting blisters on your feet. Say goodbye to plasters, and say hello to socks and sandals. Last of all, wearing socks as an accessory to your sandals is a great way to add extra colour and texture to your clothes.</p>
<p>Tips for making socks and sandals work well with each other</p>
<p>Just to make it clear (once again), you can&rsquo;t just slap any pair of rainbow colored fuzzy socks on your black sandals and expect not too look like a complete clown. I&rsquo;ve said it before, and I am saying it again: the difference between good looking sock-sandal combination, and a fashion disaster is in details. Here are a few tips, and suggestions on how to master this controversial fashion trend.</p>
<p>Let&rsquo;s start with a &ldquo;no-no&rdquo;. One thing that will almost never work with sandals is socks with contrasting toes. I am saying &ldquo;almost&rdquo; because it would work for pre-teen school girls, but not for women that are grown up. Face it, socks with contrasting toes make you look too childish and playful.</p>
<p>If you don&rsquo;t want to risk too much while still going for socks and sandals, one thing that can very rarely work against you is staying monochromatic. While this doesn&rsquo;t give any loud statements about your personality, it can rarely fail and make you look silly in the streets.</p>
<p>sandals with socks</p>
<p>One of the trends that you can also see more and more is wearing a flat, striped sporty sandals with white sport socks. This look makes you appear sporty, while still keeping that casual look you might want to go for. By adding a bit of sophistication with your other clothes, you might even pull off a whimsical look.</p>
<p>Another good look for you would be pairing bright strappy sandals with thin, printed ankle socks. Aside from the straps providing support for your socks, this look will make you appear classy and chill.</p>
<p>If you are opting for that 90's look, try pairing shiny platformed sandals with printed socks. You will look like you came straight out of Spice World, but without all of the bad stuff that 90's did to the fashion.</p>
<p>If you are missing just one accessory to your whole look, you can add statement colored sock that will add a pop to your whole outfit and completely change it.</p>
<p>Whatever you do, learn to play with your sandals and socks and you will learn many new ways to pair them and keep looking good. Just remember, if you are wearing socks on your sandals just because you are embarrassed by your toes, you are better off simply wearing closed toe shoes. Leave socks and sandals to the world of fashion, as they just might be the next big trend.</p>
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