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<p>Now, having all these types of socks in your drawer can prove to be a costly task, which means that some type is usually left out. At that point you start thinking really hard &ndash; &lsquo;how often do I actually go hiking&rsquo; or &lsquo;am I too grown up to be wearing fuzzy socks&rsquo;? While you can never be too old for fuzzy socks, you still might think about not buying yourself a pair. You can also live without hiking socks, no problem. But what you can&rsquo;t live without is a nice pair of men&rsquo;s dress socks. No one should live without them.</p>
<p>The thing about dress socks is that <a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/style-upgrade-do-simple-and-effective/">they are just stunning</a>. The looks, the texture, the feel&hellip;if they were a woman, guys would be taking dress socks out for dinner. Men would buy flowers to their socks and bring them breakfast in bed, but that&rsquo;s not the case. The best guys can do is wear their dress socks the best they can, and here are some partially-organized, pseudo-intellectual, semi-serious thoughts on that matter. They are also somewhat-helpful.</p>
<h1>With a Suit</h1>
<p>A suit is the best environment for a dress sock to be in. The sock flourishes when surrounded by a nice, elegant three-piece suit that has a clashing pocket square, matching shoes and belt, and a stylish tie. Simply put &ndash; dress socks go best with fancy suits. This is a combination made in heaven that is classy, fashionable and timeless. You can put on a well-composed suit and travel back and forth in time all you want and people will still be astonished by it.</p>
<p>Now, wearing dress socks with a suit is not really a piece of cake &ndash; there are strict rules that need to be followed. Also, there are powerful ways to bend these strict rules and make them more casual and a bit more optional.</p>
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<p>First and foremost, let&rsquo;s talk about the length. The length of your socks should ideally be somewhere in the range between a crew and a calf sock, so somewhere around mid-calf. If the socks are too short there will be a space between the sock and the trouser leg where your leg will be popping its gnarly hairs. Nobody wants to look at your leg hair. On the other hand, there is no danger of having your socks longer than crews, like knee socks for example. However, they can be uncomfortable in combination with a suit, so they are best avoided.</p>
<p>When it comes to the pattern of the sock, it should be something subtle or even barely visible. Calm patterns go best with serious suits and serious occasions, but a nice, visible pattern is acceptable when the event that requires a suit isn&rsquo;t all that formal. An important thing to remember here is not to try and mix the patterns. Having your socks in one and your tie in another pattern is a big mistake. Polka dots don&rsquo;t go well with stripes nor does checkered with hound&rsquo;s-tooth. Maybe the inner you is screaming that you need to be more relaxed, try out new stuff, be edgy, but trust the reasonable part of your being. Trust us if you don&rsquo;t trust yourself, and avoid mixing patterns.</p>
<p>The color is the most important aspect of a dress sock. Screw this up and not even your finest, best-looking, coolest dress sock can save you from looking like you are colorblind. For the most formal of the suits, the rule is to match the color of the sock to the color of the suit pants and not the color of your shoes. That way your legs will have a natural flow and they will look longer.</p>
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<p>When we say that you shouldn&rsquo;t match your socks to the shoes it doesn&rsquo;t mean that you should wear charcoal gray socks with brown shoes. It only means that the color shouldn&rsquo;t be the same; it should be complementary. For example, if your suit allows you to wear brown shoes, you can wear beige socks, as long as they match the suit pants.</p>

<p>It is time to relax a little bit. Luckily, dress socks allow us to do exactly that &ndash; unwind and not think about the sock choices we make, but only when it comes to dressing casually. Casual outfits come in so many styles that it&rsquo;s futile and even impossible to go into details. That&rsquo;s why we are only going to point out a few important things.</p>
<p>First of all, casual clothing allows you to mix and match all kinds of colors and even patterns. When it comes to colors, unlike with suits, they can be clashing. The colors don&rsquo;t have to match at all, especially if the whole outfit is composed to be matching, with only one or two details that aren&rsquo;t. They can be in completely opposite colors and that&rsquo;s called a fashion statement. Free advice &ndash; try not to use this word a lot because people might find you posh and obnoxious.</p>
<p>The patterns are also allowed to clash in casual attire. Just take two different patterns, like polka dots on socks and stripes on a shirt, and construct one homogenous outfit. It seems like there is <a href="https://www.sockbin.com/mens/dress-socks/mens-colorful-dress-socks-2945">nothing like a cool dress sock</a>.</p>


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