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<p><span>Quail, mortals! For you are in the presence of greatness. Today, we dedicate our words - nay, our hearts and minds - to an unsung hero. A hero who gives much, but asks little; a hero who fights a silent battle, sacrificing itself that we, its ungrateful masters, may live out our lives blissfully unaware of war it wages daily on our behalf.</span></p>
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<h2>I am speaking, of course, about the fuzzy sock.</h2>
<p>Fuzzy socks are easily the most underappreciated item in anybody's wardrobe, and for more reasons than the crucial one ("you are not wearing them enough", in case you were wondering). With a little appreciation and a soupcon of imagination, there are few things that these socks can't do, and even fewer ways in which they can't improve our lives. We cannot list all of these things, of course - because we simply do not have enough space to fit them, but we will be enlightening you as to why every step taken in that life would be a shambles without these socks to support it. We're about to highlight some of the myriad ways that fluffy socks&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/2016/04/wearing-funky-socks-dos-and-donts.html" target="_blank">can enrich even the most fulfilled of lives</a>...</p>
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<h2>1. AS A SOCK</h2>
<p>It is said that the greatest satisfaction a man can receive is to know the true purpose for which he was created; if that is true, fuzzy socks have got that nailed down. How often do you pay attention to your feet? Not enough, I'll wager. Fuzzy sock science and homeopathic medicine going back centuries have proven to us that the feet contain important nerve endings; nerve endings which, when stimulated in certain ways, can drastically affect the rest of our bodies, but also our moods. This is why proper comfort when it comes to footwear is essential, and there is no shoe, sandal or flip flop whose comfort cannot be vastly improved by the addition of wearing a comfy sock at the same time. Think on that for a moment: these socks literally bear your weight, and directly improve the quality and comfort of your day to day life by doing so. How many people do you know that you can say that about?</p>
<p>More so than toe socks or even dress socks, wearing a pair of men's fuzzy socks will speak volumes to the people around about exactly what kind of man you are. A man who appreciates and knows the importance of having a solid, reliable and well-constructed sock foundation upon which to lay the building blocks of his fuzzy lifestyle. A man who knows exactly where he stands, and what upon... And furthermore, a man who knows exactly what he wants.</p>
<p>And what, ask the more feminist-minded of you, about women? Can it be that the fuzzy sock, so selfless in other aspects, has forsaken a full fifty percent of the world's population? The answer is a resounding "no".</p>
<p>There is no other item of clothing lacking in bias towards either sex than fuzzy socks. There are no men's fuzzy socks or women's fuzzy socks; such distinctions are only in the eye of the beholder. Polka dots, pinstripes,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/store/men/fuzzy-socks/c-11" target="_blank">even just plain colors</a>&nbsp;- any pattern or lack thereof will be equally at home on the foot of a man or a woman, and will offer them the same, equal benefits. Another field in which these socks excel while the people wearing them, sadly, often fail entirely.</p>
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<h2>4. AS A WATER COOLER</h2>
<p>One of the many less philosophical and more literal ways in which fuzzy socks can improve not only one's lifestyle but also the quality of life. We know what you're thinking: impossible! How can something so simple possibly achieve what took the scientific world centuries of slow advancement and improvement of technology to do? Nevertheless, we assure you it's entirely true. This lifehack is brought to you courtesy of military men living in the more scorching and arid parts of the world where water is in short supply, and even that which is available is often so hot, thanks to the ambient temperature, that even though it quenches thirst, it's unpleasant to drink. Well, should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, do what the troops do: find a good, sturdy men's fuzzy sock (a fuzzy sock for women will do fine too, but men's ones tend to be bigger) and submerge it in water until it has absorbed as much of the liquid as it can hold. Then,&nbsp;<a href="http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Wrap-Water-Bottle-Wool-Keep-From-Freezing-6580890" target="_blank">put your water bottle in it</a>&nbsp;(in the sock, not the water). Finally, tie a string around the neck of the bottle and hang it in a place with good circulation of air - shade is preferable, but even in direct sunlight, this will still work. As with anything wet, the wind will serve to take a good deal of the heat away from the sock and therefore the water bottle. How much? According to the troops, more than enough to transform unpleasant, sun-scorched water to a cooling, refreshing beverage. All you need to do is be patient and resubmerge that sock to keep it wet and the laws of thermodynamics doing their thing. The same principle can be applied to lower your own body temperature as well, when the fuzzy sock's less noble cousin, the face towel, is (predictably) not available; instead of putting your water bottle inside your wet sock, wrap the sock around your forehead and enjoy the relief it brings from the merciless heat. In addition, its pleasing fuzzy texture will do what other socks, such as slipper socks, compression socks or even the most fun dress socks can't and actually feel pleasant on your skin.</p>
<p>With a little creativity, good fuzzy socks can do the opposite as well - keep you warm when it's freezing cold outside. Aside from warming your feet, any fuzzy socks worth their salt can double as a pair of mittens in winter where other footwear like colorful dress socks would simply be inadequate to stop your hands from turning into icicles. And with just a little bit of modification, this kind of sock can become a tea cozy and keep that steaming hot mug of cocoa, tea or coffee from burning your hands, lowering its blistering heat to a much more pleasing level and allow it to nicely warm your achingly cold fingers in the winter weather.</p>
<p>Fans of Orange is the New Black will have already guessed what I'm talking about, but those of you who haven't watched this Netflix gem (there are three seasons currently available, go watch them; we'll wait) might be a little perplexed; how can something as unthreatening as a fuzzy sock be used as a weapon, let alone a deadly one? With just a little imagination, that's how. All it takes is a small but heavy object - the character in the show used a padlock - and voila. The resulting sock with a lock in it, or "slock" as it's colloquially called, packs enough of a punch to make any threat seriously reevaluate its plans for the near future in relation to yourself. This is where other socks would fail: while definitely elastic enough to handle the repeated swinging motions, neither dress socks nor any other kind of funky sock for men or women would succeed for the simple reason that they are not as thick, sturdy or reliable enough to handle the repeated impacts with their frail construction. And unlike most other ignoble instruments of destruction, your fuzzy sock can double as a tool - for cracking open nuts, bringing down small game as an improvised sling if you're ever lost in the wilderness with nothing to eat, and even as an improvised flail or nunchaku with which to thresh rice, for the farmer so poor that he cannot afford fancier but surely less noble tools.</p>
<p><img alt="" src="http://workstuff.us/Files/Content/sockpuppet.jpg" style="max-width:100%; text-align: center;margin: 0 auto;"/></p>
<p>Nine out of ten sock scientists agree that sock puppets made out of fuzzy socks don't just work better and harder - they're also much more aesthetically pleasing. When asked to rate the performances of&nbsp;<a href="https://www.sockbin.com/blog/2016/04/how-to-make-a-sock-monkey.html" target="_blank">different kinds of sock puppets</a>, test audiences confirmed this fact, saying that actors using this kind of socks seemed more real and convincing, and their performances more nuanced and sincere, than those of characters played by compression socks or diabetic socks. They also found these actors far more attractive than any other kind of sock actors by far, often not even realizing that what they were watching was, in fact, a performance by a fuzzy sock and not a human being at all. Fact: between thirty and fifty percent of Hollywood actors and actresses are estimated to be fuzzy socks secretly leading double lives because they fear facing prejudice from their audiences due to this fact of their nature. Let us end the charade now, dear readers; let us embrace these socks for the beautiful creatures that they are and not make them feel like they need to hide it from the world. They have done so much for us - it's time we gave something in return.</p>
<p><span>- See more at: http://workstuff.us/blog#sthash.jnZSaUtH.dpuf</span></p>


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